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Here at the LGBT+ Sport Fringe Festival we are happy to be following and supporting a member of the LGBT+ community as he blogs his journey through food to attain his goals. My name is Danny and I am the founder of the LGBT+ Sport Fringe Festival and I have Known Martin for many years (far too much to be made public). Martin will tell you himself he has tried everything, every fad diet, every pill and celebrity but Martin as realised what works for one, doesn't necessarily work for the next, myself I am a personal trainer and I couldn't agree with him more. There are so many individuals out there completing online courses and calling themselves experts but have not gained any physical experience in the field. We all learn from making mistakes and experiencing life. We all are gifted with body fat under 10% and dietary abnormalities that benefit our looks or harm our looks. Here is Martin's Blog 'This Queen Cooks' and we will be posting his regular blogs and sharing his Instagram recipes.

My journey begins

Working in hospitality and dieting are in my opinion the opposites.  Diets tell you to eat at the same time and a full meal each day. Hospitality will have different start times, double shifts and either very early or very late finishes. The time you have to eat is the time the guests have to eat so you cannot stop them to take a 20 minute break as you are busy.

I found I was eating a lot after I finished work and unless it was a quiet week I would have nothing prepared. This meant a trip to the takeaway or late supermarkets open which do not normally stock healthy food. Also at this point you have not normally eaten for around 10 hours so hunger strikes hardest and your cravings take over.

I decided I could eat better and try a later lunch/early dinner around 4PM when a break could be taken and then fast for a full meal until breakfast the next day. This took some getting used to and for me drinking a green tea helped hunger pains go until I got used to this. I took a protein snack bar low in carbs and sugar or a piece of fruit I could eat at 7PM to gain extra fuel for work. This could be your non cigarette break.

I also started using my phones note apps to plan meals, adding them on to my fitness pal app for fibre and protein counts, then seeing what could be combined on days off so I was bulk buying as much as I could on one day off. My recipes I create require little preparation and cooking time, as in hospitality and working 50 hours a week you do not have time.

Stir fry has worked best for getting protein and fibre and being a quick and easy meal which can also be transported easily to work. I do not add noodles or rice but instead extra vegetables such as aubergine or courgette. This is also cost effective and can be changed in flavour daily with both the type of vegetables, the spices and herbs or the meat, fish and vegan options you use.

Breakfast is great to buy greek yoghurt and have a selection of dried berries to add in. This again adds variety. Be careful of nuts as are higher in calories and some fats. You can also buy a marmalade or honey and add a small teaspoon as while you are cutting out gluten it is still low calories and fits in to what worked for me. As I hated the taste of greek yoghurt at first.

Spices and herbs are the best for hard working jobs as can add variety to dishes. I found in my diet that buying a big pack of chicken breast and big bags of vegetables I could have several different meals. Experiment and if you are using my fitness pal app you can revisit and recreate again.

Working long hours can be a huge strain on your diet and can give you a thousand excuses to quit. You can have one cheat meal a week but keep it to the same day even on shift work. Ours is a Sunday and mostly we are working but that means we have something to look towards and when the going gets tough we remember in a few days will be a reward. After a month I found you start to regret your cheat meal rather then look forward to it as when the results show you want to keep momentum

Keep working hard in life and in your diet all the queens who cook. You can do it.

My journey begins

As a young man I lived a very free life. I did not focus on my weight or fitness due to my career in hospitality. I was working 50 hours a week and going out for drinks 5 times a week and everything was maintained. Fast forward a decade and hitting my 30’s I hit a slump. I gained 20kg in just over a year and started experiencing health issues from being in a high pressure job and not looking after myself as I should of been. I made a decision to make changes. I gave up my 2 biggest vices of drinking and smoking which cut my social life and gained another 20kg. I tried every diet from slimming groups but found the ingredients complicated and bland. They also added extra expense and did not fit a schedule working in hospitality. I tried exercising on my own and lacked confidence and after 2 years I felt I have given up and nothing works. I had a hundred excuses as all were from major companies and did not focus on me as an individual. I reached out and found a personal trainer who helped me with both confidence and also extra advise on diet and life style changes. It made me make a turn but as soon as I felt like it was working, my career took over with festive season and I made excuses to stop and gained 10kg in 6 months. I have now found a balance from research. I cook for myself following guidelines of nutrition and discovered with no gluten and dairy in my diet not only am I losing more weight but my digestion and heart rate is better. I have signed back with the same personal trainer again and lost 8kg in 6 weeks following exercise daily and diet to my own needs and not a company selling me their products. This is the start of my journey. It is beginning and I am excited to be starting a new instagram page to share my diet recipes and to help others to be happy with a diet and not feel restricted. In 6 weeks I am happier and healthier and I can only realise my goals of 6 months need changing and adapting. Everyone can be a queen and take control of themselves and others.


Instagram: thisqueencooks

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