• Danny Silk

Looking for Rugby teams to join the LGBT+ Sport Fringe Festival

Looking for a Rugby League or Union team across Leeds that will run a Fully Inclusive taster/training session for 2021

Do you know of a fully inclusive rugby team? or a rugby team that will train with the opposite sex? Here at the LGBT+ Sport Fringe Festival one of the core values is that every organisation, club, team or individual must be fully inclusive, allowing anyone to take part no matter their sexuality or gender identity.

We are hoping to show that this sport is no longer a mans sport and no longer can neglect individuals due to their gender or sexuality.

We accept that we are not going to change the rules of the game but we can put together with the different clubs across Leeds training events throughout the year that allow all to take part. This will lead up to the Leeds LGBT+ Sport Fringe Festival 2021 event next summer with each club/team hosting an event to help break down these barriers.

If you know of a club or team that might be interested send them this post and ask them to contact us on...


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