• Danny Silk


Here at the LGBT+ Sport Fringe Festival we are proud to promote and support GC MASSAGE THERAPY by Giuliano.

Guiliano offers a variety of treatments to touring and visiting companies here in the heart of Leeds City Centre.

Her is a former professional ballet dancer and he specialises in treating performers as well as catering crew, orchestra and management.

"I can personally recommend Giuliano, as a personal trainer based in Leeds I had a repeating issue with my shoulder. After several visits to my doctors including steroid injections at the hospital, Giuliano managed to rectify my shoulder after a few visits and I have had no problems since. But as my age continues to increase I'm sure I'll be visiting the best masseur in Leeds"

Danny Silk

Personal Trainer and Chair and Founder of the LGBT+ Sport Fringe Festival

Here are a list of treatments by Giuliano

  • Swedish

  • Deep Tissue\Sports

  • Reflexology

  • Aromatherapy

Prices range from

  • 30 minutes ... £25.00

  • 45 minutes ... £30.00

  • 60 minutes ... £35.00

  • 75 minutes ... £45.00

  • 90 minutes ... £55.00

  • 120 minutes ... £65.00

He is located a few minutes from the theatre and you can contact him on 07768206884 or info@gcmassagetherapy.com

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