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Concentration Bicep Curl

Updated: May 20, 2018

By Danny Silk PT

Concentration Bicep Curl

The exercise requires you to slowly and smoothly lifting the dumbbell up and down between your legs while you are seated. These are great for anybody at any level of training from beginners to somebody who is at a more advanced level of training.

“This workout is perfect for focusing on your upper arm muscle group, while is a seated position you don't use or arch your back, as you would in a stood position”

Below is the step-by-step guide to a good safe technique to performing the task.

1) Sit on your bench or chair. Keep your feet flat on the floor, with your knees apart; I would suggest a gap of 1.5 length of your forearm.

2) Hold the weight with your right hand. Position your elbow on the inside thigh just behind your right knee. You will find you will be leant forward slightly; you may need to bend or hunch your back slightly to perform this task.

3) Keeping your upper arm and shoulder still lift your arm keeping inline with the rest of your arm, lift/curl the weight. Do not over hunch or flex your back, as you should only be lifting with your bicep, do not tense your back.

4) Slowly lower the weight to your starting position. The weight should remain close to your chest/torso and try to keep inline with the rest of your arm. Do not drop the weight!

5) Repeat. Decide how many sets and reps you wish to do on each arm and complete the set with adequate rest between sets.

6) Swap arms and repeat.

But be warned...

· Use adequate weights start of light and increase at a steady/safe pace

· If you feel any pain while completing the exercise stop immediately. While leaning forward be aware of your lower back and do not tense or over-hunch

· Do not drop the weight while lowering and take your time. Doing at a slower pace will be more beneficial to your workout

· Do not ‘LOCK’ your arms at the bottom of the lift, lift before it locks. Failure to do this can lead to hyperextended elbow

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