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Chicken and Cauliflower Rice Lettuce Wrap

Fresh & Tasty Summer Food


Chicken and cauliflower rice lettuce wrap for 1

Missing the takeaways as you watching your waist! Bring the party to your plate with this gorgeous healthy delight! It’s quick and simple, you could make this in advance and keep in the refrigerator for meals in the week or serve small on a party •

Prep time 10 minutes.

Cooking 10 minutes.

100g pre cooked shred chicken breast, 150g cauliflower rice, 2 tablespoons tomato passata, 1/2 lime, 2 large iceberg lettuce leaves, 1 teaspoon each of oregano, ground garlic, chilli powder (optional) ground cumin and salt and pepper to taste. Serves 1

METHOD - in a pan on a high heat add 2 tablespoons of water and add the cauliflower rice and keep stirring. After 2 minutes turn down to medium and add tomato and seasonings. After a further 2 minutes add the cooked chicken and turn to low and keep stirring and cooking for 3 minutes. Spoon into lettuce leaves and wrap. Serve with a lime wedge.

302 calories. 34.5g protein and high in vitamin C, extra iron, calcium and vitamin A. Low calories and lots of fibre.

Cook for 8 minutes until cooked in the pan.

We scored this 15/10 as was super filling and rich in protein! We are planning to add vegan shawarma to the next try with a yoghurt dip. 😋

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