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The Burpee is a full body strength training exercise and the ultimate example of fitness. With each rep you will work your arms, chest quads, glutes, hamstrings and abdominal muscles. It is the one exercise I have yet to find a client that enjoys, but all know the benefits of the exercise, being told by one of my clients “I have a doctors note, to exclude me from all types of burpees”. Because the exercise works all aspects of your body you will notice energy levels declining quick and your legs feeling heavier.

Burpees are usually found in H.I.I.T. workouts (High Intensity Interval Training). If your goal is to add some muscle while stripping away fat to build a bigger and leaner body, then this bodyweight exercise is one of the best.

I found the best way to do a Burpee, is to learn all the alternative methods to a Burpee from ‘a standard Burpee’ to a ‘one-arm Burpee’. I use over 25 different Burpees in my PT sessions, but remember what works for one person may not work for the next, experiment and find your favorite.

Below I will address how to achieve a perfect ‘standard Burpee’ in four simple steps

1) From a standing position drop into a squat with your hands on the ground, just in front of your feet.

2) Then kick your feet back behind you, keeping your arms extended so you are in a ‘straight armed plank’ position.

3) Then jump both your feet forward, returning to the squat position. Keeping your bum raised.

4) Then complete to rep by standing and jumping with both your arms above your head.


· Burpees can cause a lot of stress on ankles, knees and wrists. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WARMED UP PRIOR

· If not done correctly or attempting to cut corners, Burpees can be bad for you

· Burpee’s are not for everyone consult an expert if you are unsure

There are so many variations of Burpee’s here are a list of my top 25 my clients and myself include in our workouts;

· Standard

· Overhead

· Hands-Elevated

· Low-Box Runner

· Low-Box Lateral Runner

· Feet Elevated

· Step up Jump

· Bottom

· Dead-Stop

· Blocked-Feet (My Favorite)

· Staggered

· Single-Leg

· Single-Arm

· Archer Pushup

· Side-to-Side Pushup

· Spiderman

· Skater Jump

· Skater Jump Single-Leg

· Lateral

· Broad Jump

· Punching

· Running

· Mountain Climber

· Punisher

· Breakdancer

I have been known to get my clients to do a complete Burpee workout!! The most amount of Burpee’s reached by one of my clients was 200 in 35 minutes.

By Danny Silk PT

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