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A Deal With The Universe - One Mans Journey To Give Birth

This documentary is based around the journey of Jason Barker and his partner Tracey. The film covers video footage of their journey to have a baby, shot over 8 years.

The start of the film starts of with Tracey and her battle to overcome breast cancer. To prevent this recurring Tracey has to take certain medication which prevents her from getting pregnant, but clearly from the start of the filming you can see the bond both this couple have and quickly decide on a `Plan B`for Jason to get pregnant and carry their baby.

Jason is transitioning to become a man and he decides to put this on hold for their family.

A truly heartwarming and an emotional journey, from the repeatedly failed attempts to get pregnant.

For Jason to delay such an important procedure for their plans to have a family shows what two people can accomplish through dedication and love.

Tracey jokes about at the start of their 10 year relationship they `Started with 4 breasts, now they'd be lucky to have 1`. The couple do make jokes and light of their situation from searching for the right cup to put the sperm in to having porn for the donor.

Throughout the documentary you see Jason on stage, where he includes factors of his personal life and journey to becoming a man into his comedy act. One particular joke stands out about the difference between male and female changing rooms, the way both men and women use hairdryers.

One struggle which has never been clear to me is before Jasons journey started he was classed has a manly woman, but as a man he is feminine. `Where do i fit?` Jason asks Tracey, for which Tracey jokes `Nowhere!`

Their journey is a mixture of science and spiritual beliefs, with beautiful folk law and mythology mixed with science. After over 25 attempts, the couple become successfully pregnant. But what do the couple have installed for them when Jason becomes a pregnant man?

But the couple do have a happy ending. The film mainly is comprised of their attempts to become pregnant rather that the pregnancy and with a beautiful photo montage at the end of their son, highlights how happy the family are in completing their family.


I defiantly recommend this film. As a gay man, or anybody who is not transitioning will have little understanding of what anybody from the trans community has to go through. This film is purely about the couples struggles at home. I think it is a nice touch that they have not included any views of the public as this is not relevant to the movie.

Watch the tailer below and follow the link to purchase this film.


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