The LGBT+ Sport Fringe Festival is a sports and physical activity festival. Launched in Leeds in 2016, the festival aims to provide inclusive activities, which improve both physical and mental wellbeing for the LGBT+ communities across the UK and their allies.

We have an added focus on combatting homophobia, bi-phobia and transphobia in sport and support anti-bullying in and out of the LGBT+ community. We want to promote inclusive sporting and physical activities, which reduce barriers to the LGBT+ community (sportphobia).

This festival is organised and run by LGBT+ individuals, groups, organisations and their allies for benefit of the wider community. We are a non-profit organisation which sole purpose is to introduce healthy activities and improve the lives, educate and respond to the needs of the LGBT+ community.

We are proud to announce with support from the National Lottery and local councils we are launching 3 additional festivals in Bradford, Wakefield and Durham in 2020 as well as returning to Leeds for the 4th year.

Working closely with local councils, clubs, teams, individuals and organisations that fully embrace fully inclusive sport we ensure all are welcome to create a safe environment. 

This year the festival is committed to promote fully inclusive sport and wellbeing activities across Leeds, Durham, Bradford and Wakefield. In addition there is a return to our annual festival which consist of a 11 day festival leading  up to Leeds Pride, Durham Pride, Bradford Pride and Wakefield Pride. 

We also aim to run and organise local workshops to educate local businesses, clubs, teams, organisations and individuals in the needs and requirements of the LGBT+ community within sport and wellbeing activities. 

For more information contact us at enquiries@lgbtsportfestival.co.uk

'This website was funded by the National Lottery Awards for All'

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